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Funeralocity is a carbon negative company. Funeralocity is a carbon negative company.

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Elizabeth H.
star star star star star
The internet is the way we shop for everything else. Why not funeral homes? Great resource!
Scott D.
star star star star star
In a time of grief, the last thing you want to do is sit with a funeral director and have to sort through all of your options and pricing. Funeralocity helps reduce that stress.
star star star star star
As a hospice worker, this is the best tool for families that I have seen in a really long time!
L Thorsen
star star star star star
A really wonderful vehicle for “planning ahead.” No surprises! Thanks.
R. Christopher
star star star star star
Very impressive and refreshing that you have that screening process to help find the best cremation provider. That helped us make our decision.
Greg F.
star star star star star
I liked being able to compare the quality and costs of vetted funeral homes, allowing me to narrow down the choices before talking directly to a funeral home.
Greta G
San Francisco CA
star star star star star
During a difficult time, it was so helpful to have so many options at my fingertips.
Randy F.
star star star star star
A very important aid to ease the burden at this time of family stress.
Melissa Lee
Atlanta, GA
star star star star star
It’s hard to grieve when you have to worry about all the details of planning a funeral. Funeralocity makes it so much easier to make a good decision at such a difficult time.
Alice L.
New York, NY
star star star star star
Wow! Why didn’t I think of it? Funeralocity is a company’s whose time has come. After all don’t we compare prices and services for everything else online? I hope I don’t need it soon but glad to know it’s there.
star star star star star
Funeralocity does more than address needs at an overwhelming time. It’s like a friend with experience, sharing answers to questions you don’t know to ask in advance. I am a planner. Funeralocity fills a big knowledge gap for me.
Pamela G.
Houston, TX
star star star star star
Thank you, Funeralocity! Your website was a tremendous resource during a very emotional time. It made the process much less stressful.
Madelaine H.
New Orleans, LA
star star star star star
A unique concept that is long overdue.
John A.
New York, NY
star star star star star
Funeralocity is a Godsend! Thank you!
Kara L.
New Orleans, LA
star star star star star
Brilliant! I can't believe no one thought of it sooner.
Amy T.
star star star star star
Funeralocity provides consoling options for families experiencing the most difficult times in their lives.
AARP names only one website in its latest funeral planning recommendations:
July 2020

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We show the most up-to-date prices.

Our team gathers the general price lists directly from funeral homes and cremation providers across the country. We put the prices into typical packages purchased by customers, such as direct cremation or full-service burial.

We provide full price transparency so you can confidently compare prices and services without the pressure of a sales person.

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Funeralocity’s Excellence Provider Program

We established the Excellence Provider Program as part of our mission to help families make the best choices for their funeral services.

Cremation providers and funeral homes across the country apply for this certification. Our team vets all applicants according to strict criteria. When accepted as Excellence Providers, they pledge to uphold our highest standards of transparency and best business practices. They exemplify the highest commitment to service and quality in the profession and appear at the top of the search results.

Read the Excellence Provider criteria and pledge.

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Easily compare and contact funeral homes.

Our proprietary database and website allow you to search for funeral homes by City, Zip Code, or full address. Narrow your search by filtering the results based on services available, distance, or price.

Once you’ve found a funeral home you would like to consider or speak with, you can contact them directly via the phone number on the website or complete the contact form and have them contact you.

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Many of our funeral homes offer special discounts to Funeralocity, and we pass that savings onto you.

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Funeralocity is changing the way people compare funeral homes by providing families an easy way to look at all of the funeral homes in one spot.

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    Our Excellence Provider Program helps you identify quality funeral service providers in your area.

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