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If you have an immediate need or are planning for the future, we can help you see your choices, compare prices, and save money on funeral or cremation services.

Fox 5 New York talks with CEO about Funeralocity
Funeralocity CEO Ed Michael Reggie talks with Fox 5 Good Day New York about trends in the funeral industry and...
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Funeral expenses highest in Long Island, New York
Funeralocity, a comparison website for funeral and cremation services, released its annual report on the cost of funeral expenses. The...
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Startup Aims to Make Funeral Costs Transparent
Funeralocity is a comparison website that gives consumers the ability to compare the prices, services, reviews, and other aspects of...
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Funeralocity Talks Price Comparisons With WNBC New York
Funeralocity speaks with WNBC New York about creating cost transparency for funeral homes and crematories via their comparison website.
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Ed Michael Reggie of Funeralocity Talks About Getting Funeral Prices Online With the Miami Herald
In an interview with the Miami Herald, the founder and CEO of Funeralocity discussed the company and how Funeralocity makes...
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Funeralocity Shares with Cheddar How They Are Disrupting the Funeral Industry
Funeralocity is the first funeral comparison website, helping consumers compare funeral and cremation costs, ratings and services in their area....
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Funeralocity CEO Sheds Light on Funeral Home Pricing with the New York Post
Funeralocity, a comparison website that gives consumers the ability to research funeral home prices and services, is delivering pricing transparency...
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Washington Post: The Quest to Demystify Funeral Prices
Funeralocity Founder and CEO Ed Michael Reggie speaks to the Washington Post about the price comparison website and how it...
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The Economist: Global Funeral Trends
In America, Funeralocity lets people compare prices for funeral and cremation services.
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AARP: 8 Tips for Funeral Planning
You can get some pricing information online at the interestingly named funeral home comparison website
Read more How Technology Is Taking Some of the Pain Out of Planning a Funeral
Funeralocity allows people to comparison shop funeral homes.
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New Website Funeralocity Helps Consumers Save Money
Jeanne Schwartz, chief strategy officer of Funeralocity, talks about the consumer benefits of the new third-party comparison website on the...
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Atlanta PluggedIn: How Funeralocity Can Help Compare and Save on Funeral Home Prices
Jeanne Schwartz, chief strategy officer of Funeralocity, talks about the benefits of the new third-party comparison website for funeral homes....
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AM750 WSB: Clark Howard Talks About Funeralocity
Consumer expert Clark Howard reviews Funeralocity.
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April 17, 2019
Free Comparison Website Lists Costs, Addresses and Contact Information for the Top 100 Metro Areas in the Country. The Nation’s Most Qualified ...
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CEO Ed Michael Reggie discusses how Funeralocity enables families to compare and connect with funeral homes in their area…
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We established the Excellence Provider Program as part of our mission to help families make the best choices for their funeral services.

Excellence Providers have been vetted by our team and, when accepted, they pledge to uphold our highest standards of transparency and best business practices, exemplifying the highest commitment to service and quality in the profession.
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