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Every day thousands of families visit Funeralocity.com seeking the best funeral homes for their needs, and we want to offer you the opportunity to feature your funeral home at the top. Our goal is to highlight the most excellent funeral homes in your area.

Let’s face it, the world is turning to comparison websites for everything. From car insurance, travel, to finding a baby sitter.

People no longer want to visit several different websites to make a purchase decision. They want to go to one source!

When it comes to funeral homes, Funeralocity.com is that source!

Funeralocity.com is the only company mentioned by AARP in its July 7th recommendations, "8 Tips for Funeral Planning".

"You wouldn’t buy a car from the first dealership you walked into. So don’t buy a funeral without checking with more than one funeral home." - AARP July 7, 2020, "8 Tips for Funeral Planning"

Funeralocity.com is the opportunity you cannot ignore in today's world!

Funeralocity.com has become THE source as families have moved online to compare their funeral provider options.

In 2020 Funeralocity is a channel you cannot ignore when it comes to reaching the families that you want to serve. But there is also the reality that we must be selective on who we accept into our Excellence Provider Program. It limits how many spots we have open for your region.

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Hundreds of thousands of people visit our website looking to find the best funeral home providers in their city. Are you one of them?

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We are recommended by AARP and you can find stories about us in major publications like The Washington Post, The New York Times, NBC, Vox, The Economist, and more coming online every day.

We have a major PR and advertising program with national and local media coverage. When you become an Excellence Provider you are getting this exposure.

Our Excellence Providers benefit from our authority and exposure to reach their target audience. All you have to do is apply to become an Excellence Provider!

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Our experience shows that Funeralocity Excellence Providers have a much greater chance of getting a call compared to those who are not in our exclusive program.

Being a part of this program means a 142.1% higher chance of closing more business.

Seems pretty simple.

It is, but also since you are receiving a greater volume of calls we need to only work with the top providers in each city.

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Mark J. Krause, President

Krause Funeral Homes and Cremation Service

Our Excellence Provider Program is the Quickest Way to Get Discovered & Start Serving More Families...

Now more than ever your potential customers are online, and utilizing comparison shopping to plan their funeral like they plan everything else. You have a great opportunity to position yourself to our audience.

By applying to become an Excellence Provider today you are taking the first step to reach more people in your community and start moving market share to your funeral home.

Since we only want to work with the best providers in your area, we have to make this an exclusive application process. Once selected you will be able to enjoy the benefits that come with this prestigious standing.

Here are just a few of the advantages of being an Excellence Provider...

Be among those at the top of the search results in your area.

Stand out from competition with a stronger profile.

Highlight yourself with more images.

Add your special features list to stand out.

Special Excellence Provider Badge.

Direct directions to your funeral home on the profile.

Ratings & Reviews to put your potential families at ease.

Write detailed information to presell your funeral home.

Funeralocity.com Is Changing the Way Families Select Funeral Homes...

73% of Americans say being able to compare funeral homes would influence their decision greatly on who to use...

In a recent Harris Poll, 73% of Americans said that being able to compare services, reviews, and prices for funeral homes on a third-party website would influence their decision on who to use.

We are changing how families select funeral homes and want to give you access to be in front of these families that are seeking you. If you want more calls apply to be an Excellence Provider.

There are limited spots available. Apply today and see why people believe in our Excellence Provider program.

"It's already working, folks. Don't delay or you'll miss out on the most effective way to reach more families where they are – online."

- Doug Gober, Founder, Gober Strategic Capital

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Apply to become a Funeralocity Excellence Provider today by choosing the plan that best fits you. For as low as $39/month you can have all the incredible benefits mentioned on this page. This includes all the benefits listed below:

  • Be among the top of the search results in your area
  • Stand out from the competition with an enhanced profile
  • Highlight yourself with more images
  • Add your special features
  • Ratings & Reviews to put families at ease
  • Display your Excellence Provider Badge
  • No transaction fees on monthly & annual plans. Keep all your revenue when serving a family.
  • Full reporting on how many visitors are viewing your profile
  • Real-time notifications when a family is interested in talking more about your services

Just one new call can pay for itself. This is a small fee to stand out and gain market share in your region.

Again, this is an exclusive program so we reserve the right to return your money if we do not find you to be the right fit as an Excellence Provider. Choose your plan and apply below!

Our Standards Provide That No More Than 25% of Funeral Homes Can Be Qualified As An Excellence Provider...See If You Qualify Today!

Monthly Plan

For the low monthly fee of $39, you will be positioning yourself to book more calls.


If you have more than one funeral home you want leads for, select the quantity during checkout.

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Annual Plan
(2 Months Free)

Get 2 months free when you go annual and get longer exposure than your competition in your area. You will be positioning yourself to book more calls. Best Value


If you have more than one funeral home you want leads for, select the quantity during checkout.

Transaction Based Plan

You can get started as an Excellence Provider for free with no out-of-pocket expense, but you will pay us 10% of the fees you collect from sales transactions with Funeralocity families. Plus offer a required 5% discount to the family.

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If you have more than one funeral home you want leads for, select the quantity during the checkout.

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