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Funeral homes offer a wide variety of services. So to help you look at funeral home prices in an apples to apples comparison, we chose four typical funeral service packages. Of course, you may decide to purchase a slightly different set of services. The four different funeral service types are:

Direct Cremation: includes removal of the deceased from the place of death, transfer to the crematory, and cremation services.

Full Service Cremation: includes a visitation or wake prior to the funeral, a service at either church or funeral home chapel and basic cremation services, which include removal of deceased from the place of death, transfer to the crematory, and cremation services.

Affordable Burial: Sometimes known as Immediate or Direct Burial, is the burial of a body without embalming, viewing or services. It includes basic services fee and transportation of the body from the place of death to the cemetery.

Traditional Full Service Burial: includes funeral home basic service fee, embalming and care of body, a visitation or wake prior to the funeral, a service at either church or funeral home chapel, a funeral procession to the grave site and a committal service prior to the burial.

All funeral services listed include the services of the funeral home in preparing the deceased and arranging the type of service desired.

The Funeralocity discount will be reflected on the invoice you receive from the funeral home. Please note, the discount does not apply to third-party expenses, typically handled by the funeral home on your behalf, such as flowers and obituaries. If the discount is not reflected on the invoice, please contact Funeralocity at (888) 842-9009.

No, you are eligible to receive the Funeralocity discount on any funeral services you choose. Remember, though, that third party expenses that the funeral home bills for your convenience (sometimes called cash advance items), like flowers or obituaries, are not included as discount-eligible.

No. You will automatically receive the discount at the time you pay for the funeral arrangements.

No, our service is available at no cost to you.

No problem. It is always your choice to make arrangements or not with a funeral home you select from our site. If you later decide that you do not want to use the funeral home your originally selected, you can return to to select another funeral home.

Yes. If you click through to request contact with multiple funeral homes, they will each be made aware of your request, and you will be put in touch with all of them.

Cash advance items are third-party charges that a funeral home arranges on your behalf as a courtesy. These typically include flowers, placing an obituary in a local newspaper, memorial cards or program printing, etc. If you choose a cremation from a funeral home that does not have a crematory on site, the fee from the actual crematory may also be a cash advance item.

Funeralocity welcomes reviews of all funeral homes, and other families will benefit from learning about your experience. You may go to at any time to submit your review on the funeral home’s profile page.

We established our Excellence Provider Program as part of our mission to help families make the best choices for their funeral services.

Burial and Cremation providers apply for acceptance to the program. Our credentialing committee vets them by examining backgrounds, disciplinary history, service records, and other quality criteria. When accepted, they pledge to uphold our standards and best business practices, exemplifying the highest commitment to service and quality in the profession.

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