AARP Recommends Consulting for Funeral Prices

July 7, 2020 – Nobody likes to talk about death or funerals, but you can make it easier on your family by planning ahead for your own end of life services. According to a 2018 survey by the National Funeral Directors Association, only 26% of people discuss funeral plans with a loved one. This can make things more emotionally difficult and stressful when the time of death approaches.

An article by AARP outlines 8 essential tips for making smart decisions about funeral planning:

  1. Learn what’s involved: There are a lot of options when it comes to planning a funeral. Do research and find checklists that aid in your preparation.
  2. Plan in advance, but don’t pay in advance: Paying now may help you lock in prices today, but you also may lose your money if you move locations or want different options.
  3. Find out average costs: Look to online resources to find out the average price of various services.
  4. Shop around: Don’t just buy a funeral without checking out more than one funeral home. allows consumers to compare the prices and services of all of the funeral homes in their area.
  5. Understand the package deal: Ask the funeral home for a list of the individual items included in a package.
  6. Buy only what you want: You do not have to purchase all of the items included in a funeral home package, and you do not have to buy everything directly from the funeral home. You may be able to save money by flowers, an urn or even a casket somewhere else.
  7. Consider joining a memorial society: Memorial societies may offer you discounts and planning assistance.
  8. Talk it over and write it down: Have conversations with your family now so that they know your wishes and are not burdened by tough decisions later.
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