Funeral Bill of Rights

Planning a funeral, or any end of life service, isn’t something a person does more than one or two times in a lifetime and it can be difficult to know what to expect or even how they should be treated. We believe everyone deserves a fair and compassionate experience, and have the right to know what they should expect when planning or pre planning a service for themselves or loved one. These rights ensure that consumers have the freedom to make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary expenses during the funeral planning process. By understanding and exercising these rights, consumers can ensure that they receive the funeral services they want and need, without being taken advantage of by funeral homes or other providers.
At Funeralocity, we believe:
bullet You have the right to compassionate professional care and fair business practices.
bullet You have the right to choose only the goods and services you want.
bullet You have a right to receive a written, itemized price list before making any final decisions.
bullet You have the right to obtain the General Price List of any funeral home or cremation provider upon request. You do not have to give them your name, address, or telephone number first.
bullet You have the right to make funeral arrangements without being coerced or pressured into buying unnecessary goods or services, other than the basic service fee, which all funeral home establishments charge for overhead costs.
bullet You do not have to choose a package of goods and services.
bullet You have the right to use a casket, container or urn purchased from a third-party vendor, rather than purchasing one from the funeral home and should not be charged a fee for accepting a casket purchased elsewhere.
bullet You do not have to buy a casket if you choose a direct cremation.
bullet You do not have to pay for embalming if you are having a direct cremation or immediate burial, except in certain circumstances such as when required by law.
bullet You have the right to write the obituary or use a free obituary service, and are not required to pay the funeral firm for it.
bullet You have the right to have services and/or a celebration of life for your loved one, at a different venue of your choosing. These do not have to take place at the funeral home or cremation provider you have chosen.
bullet You have a right to all receipts for the amounts the funeral establishment paid to third parties (florists, newspapers, clergy, etc.).
bullet The right to receive a detailed explanation of any legal requirements, such as permits or certificates, that are necessary for the funeral.
bullet The right to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission or the state regulatory agency if any of these rights are violated.
Ombudsperson Ombudsperson Our Ombudsperson service can help mediate disputes that sometimes arise between families and funeral establishments with whom they have done business. To initiate facilitated dialogue between the family and the funeral provider, either party can click our Ombudsperson button. There is no charge for this service. The process is not one for litigation and is designed to solve issues amicably.