Funeralocity CEO Sheds Light on Funeral Home Pricing with the New York Post

NEW ORLEANS — Funeralocity CEO Ed Michael Reggie spoke with the New York Post about how Funeralocity is shedding light on the pricing of funeral homes and crematories. By providing this service that enables consumers to compare funeral home costs, ratings and services, Funeralocity has provided transparency to an industry in which families have found it difficult to find the best value.

Historically, funeral homes and crematories have not posted their fees online. Many customers looking for services to honor their loved ones lack the ability to thoroughly research the costs and services offered at funeral homes in their area.

“Funeral homes typically don’t post their prices online for burial and cremations services,” said Reggie. “Our comparison website shows the prices, which gives families a headstart in navigating the process in their time of need and selecting the best possible option.”

Funeralocity specializes in helping people shop for burial and cremation services. Its platform allows families to search for the best value. Those who wish to learn more about Funeralocity and the services it offers can go to

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