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Essential Questions To Ask Funeral Homes During COVID-19 and Social Distancing

  • Do you have a COVID-19 Policy? If so, can you email me a link to the policy?
  • What is your process for transferring a decedent from a hospital, long term care facility or place
    of residence?
  • Are you conducting arrangements by phone or video conferencing?
  • How many family members are able to attend the private visitation?
  • Can a visitation or funeral be live streamed?
  • Can the family attend the start of the cremation?
  • Can the family have a home funeral?
  • Will the funeral home assist with a home funeral?
  • After the death how long can a family wait to have a visitation?
  • The family was not able to see their loved one prior to death. How soon can they come to the
    funeral home?
  • What is the least expensive way for a family to honor their loved one’s life?
  • What does your private visitation/funeral include?
  • Is the family allowed to have something private at this time and a memorial in the future?
  • Do local cemeteries have their own restrictions?
  • Is a family able to have a “drive in” graveside service at a cemetery?
  • Are local churches still hosting services?
  • Are florists still open?
  • What can the family do to personalize a private visitation/funeral for their loved one?
  • After cremation has taken place how will the family receive their loved one’s cremated remains?
  • The family is concerned about catching COVID-19 from the deceased. Is this a concern?
  • What ways can those individuals who cannot see the family in person show their support?
  • Are you able to assist with families who wish to pre-plan their funeral during this time?
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