The future of Green Burials: What to Know About Alkaline Hydrolysis, mushroom suit

Detroit, MI, June 6, 2022 – CLICK ON DETROIT Click On Detroit provides a statistics-backed rundown of the most common post-death methods with general costs for each and a chart showcasing the amount of deaths and cremation rates in both the US and Canada from 2019-2021. Burial and cremation are the two most common, costly, and the least eco-friendly (cremation creates a great deal of fuel emission). Funeralocity is quoted and linked in the segment: “According to funeralocity, the average price for burial is $3,782 and direct cremation is $2,245. This does not include funeral services.” The article then presents two eco-friendly methods to readers- Alkaline Hydrolysis and The Mushroom Suit.

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