Millennials Openness about Funeral Planning is Fueling Changes in Death Industry

January 22, 2020 – The content platform VOX looked at why millennials are less shy about talking about death and planning for the eventuality, and included as a resource that provides all consumers price comparison information. “Why do people in the prime of their lives seem to be preparing for their demise?,” Vox asked. “The answers vary widely, from eminently practical concerns, such as crushing debt and climate change, to social factors, like wellness culture, diverse spiritual practices, and the desire of some millennials to curate their afterlives.”

“Most Americans don’t plan for their deaths in their 20’s – or maybe ever,” Vox reported, citing a 2017 study that found only one in three US adults have an advance directive, including a living will with end-of-life medical instructions, power of attorney naming a person responsible for last affairs, or both. Fewer planned their actual funeral arrangements. Only 21% of Americans have even spoken to their loved ones about their wishes, according to the National Funeral Directors Association. has advocated planning ahead, and it provides consumers not just prices but contacts of funeral home directors who can help people arrange end-of-life services ahead of time.

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