Funeralocity Speaks about Social Distancing and Funerals

NEW ORLEANS, April 7, 2020 – The Silo probed the effect social distancing is having on funeral planning, and talked to founder Ed Michael Reggie as a source of authority in the industry. “Losing a loved one is the worst possible outcome, but it’s become a sad reality during this unprecedented time,” he told the site, which shared how easy and convenient its functions are, especially during a pandemic. “Unfortunately, there is greater demand for this now, which is making the process more complicated,” Reggie said. “Some funeral homes and morgues are at capacity, which has put major stress on the business.”

The Solo noted Funeralocity is North America’s “only up-to-date price comparison website of funeral providers” and that it is “sharing helpful advice and insights into planning a service during such an uncertain time. Its database of 19,000 funeral homes across the US is the largest database in the world, and the site is using that institutional knowledge and expertise to guide families faced with the sudden need to bury or cremate someone who ahs died from the virus.”

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