Funeralocity Makes Funeral Costs Transparent

RICHMOND, VA, September 13, 2019 — Local station NBCNews12 ran a story about how Funeralocity makes it easier for consumers to compare funeral homes and services in their local area. Traditionally, funeral directors have recommended that consumers find a funeral home by asking their friends and community for suggestions, but Funeralocity puts all of the information in one place. In addition to making the process easier, it especially helps those who are not in the location of the planned funeral or who can’t ask for opinions.

Ed Michael Reggie, CEO of Funeralocity, says, “People need to make these decisions in the privacy of their own homes. Price isn’t everything; price, though, is one way to ascertain value.” While the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires funeral homes to list price information over the phone, it is not available online in most cases. Additionally, the majority of bereaved people searching for funeral services only call one funeral director. Funeralocity frequently updates funeral home prices and services to ensure that those in need can find the exact services they want without having to call several funeral homes.

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