How to Choose a Cemetery and Purchase a Plot

An empty cemetery in the middle of the day

When the time comes to bid a loved one goodbye, you’ll likely have questions and concerns about their final resting place. Whether you have a provider in mind or not, determining and finalizing the actual location can be more involved than you might expect. However, the process doesn’t have to be difficult.

Selecting a Cemetery by Type

Consider where your loved one would have liked to be buried. Even if they had no particular place in mind, you could narrow it down by religious affiliation, public access, ecological alternatives, military status, and other such categories. Some of these come with specific rules and restrictions, as well, which will factor into your decision. Visitation restrictions, decoration guidelines, and more can have a significant effect on how your loved one’s burial is arranged and cared for after the processions are over.

Plot Considerations

Plots can be below ground or above ground, but you’ll also have to determine how much space and what kind of appearance you want for your loved one. Single plots, family lots, and mausoleum spots are just a few examples. You will also want to think about what type of headstone or marker you’d like for the site. Keep in mind what your loved one might have wanted as you review your options.

The Purchasing Process

Average funeral costs can total close to $8,000 not including any cemetery costs, but to save your family some hassle and money, you can pre-purchase a plot and procure the right to be buried there for an indefinite period. Reach out to the cemetery management to start the process, but remember that extra features like grave liners, or discounts like those for multiple plots, may be part of the equation. If you’re curious about additional services, like grave upkeep and maintenance, you can discuss these with the cemetery before you decide.

When you and your family have discussed your options, you can turn to Funeralocity to begin your search. As a funeral comparison website complete with an extensive network of funeral homes and in-depth research options, we strive to make choosing and purchasing easier for everyone involved. Start the process with us today.

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