Instructions for Hospice Clinicians

Assess if the patient/family has funeral plans in place.

  • A)

    If yes, the selected funeral home should be noted in the patient's electronic medical record.

  • B)

    If no, engage them in dialogue about the benefits of using Funeralocity as a useful tool to assist with the planning process.

Funeralocity is a helpful resource which provides information to consumers about the funeral planning process and allows you to compare prices between funeral homes. I'm happy to show you how the website works.
How to Use 1

Provide a brief demonstration of the Funeralocity website using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Within the search engine of the internet browser (e.g., Google, Microsoft Edge, Bing, etc.), type "Funeralocity" or
Type Zip Code to start searching funeral homes
How to Use 2

Provide a brief demonstration of the Funeralocity website using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Once on the website, type the patient's zip code into the search bar. A list of funeral homes in the area will appear on the screen. This list can be modified based on the user's search parameters.

Under Service Type, consumers can select the type of service in which they are interested:

a) full service cremation;

b) direct cremation;

c) traditional full service burial;

d) simple burial.

(The current default is direct cremation.)Ask the patient/family about the type of service they might want.


Under Search Radius, consumers can select a specific radius to locate funeral and cremation providers in the area:

a) within 5 miles;

b) within 10 miles;

c) within 25 miles;

d) within 50 miles.

(The current default is within 10 miles.) Ask the patient/family about their preference for the search radius


The screen will refresh based on the search parameters entered. Under each funeral home listed, the price for the selected service will appear.

Service types are used to compile prices to allow easy comparison, and to omit funeral homes not providing that kind of service. Specific plans will be made in consultation with the funeral director.


Funeral homes with the Award sign have taken a pledge with Funeralocity to maintain the highest quality of service based on Best in America Award.


To learn more about a specific funeral or cremation provider, click on View More. This enables consumers to:

  • View the underlying prices for each service type offered by the provider
  • View the location of the provider on a map
  • Read reviews and testimonials from other consumers who have used this provider
  • Contact the funeral or cremation provider directly. Offer to help the patient/family enter their information to contact the provider directly.

The funeral or cremation provider will follow up with you as soon as possible:

We forward notification immediately by email, and we initiate a phone call to the funeral home to assure they reach out to the family.

We call the funeral immediately 24×7 if it is an at-need situation.  For imminent need and preneed situations, we follow up with the funeral home during business hours.

If for some reason we do not get through with a funeral director in our first attempt, we will keep calling until we do.


If needed, live support is available for the consumer to ask questions using a chat function on the website.


The Blog (or Resouce Center) of the website provides helpful information about funeral planning.