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Whether you’re planning for the future or have an immediate need to make cremation arrangements, Funeralocity shows you all the best options.


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Funeralocity lets you compare services, pricing and special features of funeral homes in your search area. To get started, just enter the address, city or zip code.


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Tell us whether you are interested in burial, cremation, full, or basic services. We’ll show you the funeral homes within the distance you specify that meet your criteria.


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As you explore your options, you’ll see that all listings provide not only information about services they offer, but also comparative pricing information. Some funeral homes offer special pricing that allows us to return a portion of the total funeral price back to you. Just click the “Lock in Savings” button for details on the funeral home(s) you’re interested in.

If you wish to connect with a funeral home, we’ll quickly send them your information. It’s that easy.

Funeralocity is the new way to easily compare and choose a funeral home.

We connect you with funeral homes in your area that can meet your needs.

You can explore as many funeral homes as you wish.

If you choose and click through to a funeral home that offers special pricing, a portion of what you pay will be returned to you from Funeralocity.