and partner to guide people through the loss of a loved one in the age of Coronavirus

With Social Distancing Now the New Normal, and Bring Together Innovative Platforms, Technologies and Services to Make Planning Services and Beyond More Seamless and Accessible.

New York – March 30, 2020 –, the nation’s only free, up-to-date price comparison website for funeral home costs, and Lantern, a single source of guidance ​for navigating life before and after a death, have joined together to help people grieving the loss of a loved one during the coronavirus outbreak, including the emergence of virtual funerals. With the global death toll rising, families are dealing with unimaginable circumstances when putting those who have passed to final rest. In addition to social distancing/ stay-at-home restrictions, funeral homes are overburdened with services while dealing with their own business challenges. Out of this has emerged virtual services, enabling loved ones to pay respects even when homebound. But where to even start? and Lantern have brought together some of the most innovative platforms and technologies to help those planning such services conduct them seamlessly.

Joining the two brands are Trust & Will, a digital platform that enables people to plan trusts and estates online; Crisis Text line, which provides free 24-hour counseling via SMS; 1Password, which helps safeguard passwords during the pre-planning stages; Gathering Us, a platform that creates virtual memorials; Life Web, a website providing memorial scrapbooks; Give in Kind, which helps families and friends support grieving loved ones; and Grief Coach, which provides grief counseling by SMS.

Collectively, these services help users find funeral home prices and locations online, via and arrange services and manage logistics, via Lantern, while others help with the delay of funerals until social distancing restrictions are lifted (which often involves storing bodies), conduct services via live streaming, plan cremations/ storage of ashes, and create online remembrances.

“The coronavirus has changed daily life in America and abroad, and unfortunately brought a new awareness and urgency to how we honor those who have passed with funeral services in a very difficult environment,” said Ed Michael Reggie, founder and CEO of “Our platform was built on providing users the most up-to-date information about the nation’s funeral homes, but there is now a pressing need to show people how they can do this virtually while complying with socially distancing restrictions. And so, we have partnered with Lantern, which is a fantastic online resource for pre-planning and post loss services, to help users navigate this new reality. Together, we are sharing what we know and recommending seven other platforms to make the process easier and more accessible to those grieving.”

“Planning a funeral is often the toughest experience you will go through, and coronavirus has made that infinitely more difficult,” said Liz Eddy, Co-Founder and CEO of Lantern. “Our company was built on making the entire process easier, at every stage. And part of that mission is to give our users as much information and resources as possible when planning these services. Together, with, we have brought together a team of the most inventive, practical and useful platforms and technologies so people say goodbye to their loved ones with compassion, honor and sensitivity even under these present circumstances.” and Lantern recommend:

  • Crisis Text Line is free, 24/7 support for those in crisis. Text 741741 from anywhere in the US to text with a trained Crisis Counselor. Crisis Text Line trains volunteers to support people in crisis and has processed over 100 million messages processed to date. The company was born “from the rib” of, the largest organization for young people and social change. Dozens of members were texting in to ask for personal help, which inspired CEO Nancy Lublin to create the new organization. Within four months, it was being used in all 295 area codes in the US. Two years later, Crisis Text Line spun out into a separate entity.
  • GatheringUs brings communities together after the death of a loved one to support each other and celebrate their life. We enable family and friends to gather virtually, share stories and photos, fundraise to help the family with expenses, and donate to a nonprofit charity. GatheringUs Virtual Events create the feel of an in-person experience with real-time interaction for all attendees, so that mourners can receive comfort from their community. A clergy member can give a sermon, a family member can share a eulogy, and both speakers can be seen and heard by everyone. Attendees can watch a slideshow and read a poem or prayer from the screen in unison. In addition to ceremonies, we create digital “receptions” for more intimate conversations. Participants gather in smaller groups, similar to reception tables in real life — one for high school friends, another for co-workers, various family branches, etc. Our support team coordinates event planning, logistics, program design, initiates the speakers and/or performers during the event, and provides tech support for all attendees.
  • Give InKind is a modern social platform for coordinating support when life is disrupted. From the birth of a baby, to loss of a family member, to medical crisis, and disasters, friends and families need ways to give and receive help, from anywhere. Give InKind facilitates comprehensive support with its Care Calendar, Wishlist, and Donations on one easy-to-use page, empowering communities to support one another through life events that need more than just money.
  • Grief Coach sends personalized text messages all year long, based on your loss. If you have friends and family who want to help, but aren’t sure how, they’ll receive tips and reminders too.  Everyone’s messages are customized based on age, cause of death, relationship to the person who’s died, and more. With COVID-19 taking away support groups, funerals and even visits from friends, Grief Coach is a wonderful way to get the support you need, and make sure that, even though we’re isolated, no-one has to grieve alone.
  • LifeWeb 360 helps communities keep memories alive. Friends and family can create a special place to remember and celebrate the life and light of their loved one, easily sharing stories and photos which are organized into a multimedia scrapbook as a gift to the family. Memories can be built on over time or transformed into a physical book you can hold in your hands. With LifeWeb, the entire community impacted by a loss is equipped to capture the person’s essence, and to support the family in the long-term with reminders and ideas for checking in with them.
  • 1password keeps you safe online by making it easy to create and use strong passwords. It stores all your personal information — passwords, credit cards, licenses and more — behind a single Master Password that only you know. Sign into apps and websites with a single click, guard against data breaches, and share passwords with the whole family. 1Password is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.
  • Trust & Will is on a mission to help the millions of Americans without an estate plan protect themselves, their families and their assets by making it simple and affordable to create a Will, Trust or Nomination of Guardian. Since 2017, Trust & Will’s attorney-designed online estate planning software has been used by more than 70,000 members across the US. All documents are customizable and state-specific, and Trust & Will’s live chat support is available to answer any questions throughout the process.
  • 1password keeps you safe online by making it easy to create and use strong passwords. It stores all your personal information — passwords, credit cards, licenses and more — behind a single Master Password that only you know. Sign into apps and websites with a single click, guard against data breaches, and share passwords with the whole family. 1Password is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Funeralocity is the only up-to-date price comparison for funeral homes online. With a simple search of city or zip code, users can find prices, locations and contacts for funeral homes and crematories across the US. There has a never been a resource like this that makes the process of searching and finding the right funeral home easier and more transparent. All the prices listed on are collected and verified independently.

Lantern​, a public benefit corporation, is the single source of guidance ​for navigating life  before and after a death. The platform ​offers free, custom roadmaps to make sure you or a loved one have everything in  order. ​Whether you’re pre-planning or recently lost someone, Lantern has all of the tools,  resources and services you need to confidently manage the situation while processing the  loss of a loved one. Pre-planning? Learn about advanced directives or use our prompts to  document your history. Recently lost someone? Choose the right burial or cremation option  or find grief counseling. No matter your situation, you’ll find everything you need in one  place.   Plus, all the illustrations on are made in honor of a lost loved one.


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