“Funeralocity eases the process of planning a funeral”

NEW ORLEANS, May 29, 2019 — Funeralocity CEO Ed Michael Reggie spoke with Cheddar to discuss Funeralocity’s online platform and how the company is helping to bring transparency to the funeral home and cremation industry. Funeral homes and crematories typically do not post their prices online, which makes it difficult for the bereaved to do comparative shopping. Funeralocity offers comparison tools that allow those in need of immediate arrangements and those planning for the future to find the best value in their area.

Some funeral homes are not happy about their prices being listed online, citing fears of being undercut or causing confusion for customers. Funeralocity’s platform seeks to make it easier for the bereaved to compare prices from the comfort of home and save money on funeral expenses.

“Forty-one percent of Americans live in a state they weren’t born in, which means they most often don’t have a family funeral home,” said Funeralocity CEO Ed Michael Reggie.

Funeralocity helps the bereaved shop for burial and cremation services. Its platform allows consumers to search for the most affordable option. For more information about Ed Michael Reggie, Funeralocity and the services they offer, go to www.funeralocity.com.


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