Best Podcasts About Death and Grieving

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Why listen to podcasts about death and grieving?

While it may seem like a strange topic to add to your podcast rotation, death is a fact of life that affects everybody at some point or another. 

Even if you’re not actively dealing with the concept of mortality at this moment in life, there’s great value in becoming comfortable with the concept of death – whether it’s your death or that of a loved one. 

Developing a healthy relationship to death can also greatly help with the grieving process when a loved one passes away. If you’ve done the work of getting comfortable with the concept of death, you’ve already laid a lot of groundwork in the grieving process. 

Recommendations for podcasts about death

If you’re already an avid podcast listener, listening to popular podcasts about death and grieving is an easy way to get comfortable with the topic. Check out our recommendations for some of the most popular podcasts about death and grieving. 

The Art of Dying Well

How they describe themselves: Our podcast aims to make death and dying something we can talk about openly without discomfort or fear.


How they describe themselves: Griefcast is a podcast that examines the human experience of grief and death – but with comedians, so it’s cheerier than it sounds.

Grief Works

How they describe themselves: Death affects us all. Yet it is still the last taboo in our society, and grief is profoundly misunderstood.

Hosted by Julia Samuel – a grief psychotherapist with over twenty five years’ experience of working with the bereaved – we hear stories from those who have experienced great love and loss – and survived.

Grief Encounters

How they describe themselves: Grief Encounters is a weekly podcast series that looks at an issue that affects us all and yet remains so difficult to talk about: grief. Hosts Venetia Quick and Sasha Hamrogue hope to open up the conversation around loss and create a modern platform for people to share their own experiences, and start an open dialogue around the subject of death and all that comes with it.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking 

How they describe themselves: Terrible, Thanks for Asking is more than just a podcast (but yeah, it’s a podcast).

It’s a show that makes space for how it really feels to go through the hard things in life, and a community of people who get it.

Honorable Mentions Episodes

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