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Funeralocity was founded to bring transparency to the process of looking for and comparing funeral homes

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About us

Funeralocity is the first dynamic marketplace for funeral services on the internet, bringing the funeral industry into the 21st century. Offering convenience and savings, Funeralocity lets consumers compare services, reviews and prices of funeral and cremation service providers in their area. Consumers can then select the funeral home that best fits the needs of their family and honors their loved one.

Responding to changing consumer behaviors

The way consumers shop for everything from electronics to toothpaste to car insurance, and plan for life events such as vacations and weddings has dramatically changed. People expect to be able to compare prices, read reviews and evaluate ratings on a wide range of products and services. That includes funeral services.

Shedding light on the funeral industry

Funeralocity was developed to address the sweeping changes in consumer behavior, as well as the growing demand for increased transparency in the funeral industry. Funeralocity sheds light on the funeral industry, providing information and pricing details related to burial and cremation services, helping families be better prepared and more confident in their decisions for their loved ones’ funeral services.

How it works


Consumers go online to funeralocity.com and enter in an address, city, or ZIP code to generate a list of all funeral homes in a specific geographic region.


Consumers can view detailed information about funeral home services, read reviews, watch videos and request to be connected to a funeral home.


Consumers who select and arrange services from a participating Funeralocity funeral home will receive a 5 percent savings of total funeral expenses, excluding third-party expenses such as the cost of cemetery plots, flowers and obituaries.

Funeralocity’s Excellence Program

Funeral directors can request to join Funeralocity online. Funeral directors who pass a quality review check are selected to join Funeralocity’s Excellence Program and can provide additional information, photos, and video for consumers to review. As participants in Funeralocity, funeral directors are required to adhere to the highest ethical standards and remain compliant with all local and state laws, as well as keep their pricing up to date.

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